19 a roger..

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19 a roger..

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 12, 2009 6:39 am

Welcome again, use this to chat about what you like..
it's a CB forum so try and keep it within the forums whole point.

but also it's a forum for people with an interest in CB radio and Amateur radio, but don't feel like you have to just chat about CB, this is 'general chat' so can really be about anything....within reason..

a few things that will not be tollerated..

Racist comments and remarks,
yes i know we all have them, but this is a public forum so everyone can see your comments.
please keep them to yourselves.

Religious comments,
i'm certainly not religious and if i was i would'nt force my religion down your throat, so please don't do it on here..

Political views,
again well all have them and a lot of us don't agree with todays government, but lets not get into that on here..

just generally use your common sense, if you want to bitch back stab and abuse other CB users (in a non threatening way) use the correct forum catagory..
and please try to keep your post in their correct catagories..

and lastly, have fun, enjoy your stay and remember 'it's only a hobby' but to some it's an outlet and others it's friendship.

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