Other channels!!!

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Other channels!!!

Post  ninjabilly on Mon Dec 14, 2009 8:27 am

Hi all,was flicking around the 80 uk channels most of today(Sun 13) found quite a lot of activity,had some good contacts,the farthest being Northampton! Made a great change for once,different people,no hostilities,maybe we could try it sometime,instead of settling for talking to all our mates just down the road! and we could try and be a bit more friendly toward other channel users,instead of just abusing them straight away!!!!,Idiots excluded,of course.Maybe It`s just me,but I like to use my radio for decent chat,wherever they are!!!!!
OK,that`s all for now,see ya later

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Re: Other channels!!!

Post  Termite on Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:49 am

i see your point, there is a lot of it going on in nottingham..
mainly a couple or three people with a bitching battle with a couple in sutton in ashfield..

which to me sounds like it will get worse..

it's a shame as i know of a lot of CBers from yesteryear still listen via CB radio or the internet link, but will not transmit, through either fear of being ripped or because of the abuse, mic keying and music you hear on a regular basis..

i must admit i'm not a role model on CB but welcome new comers when they appear..i also point out that i do have several radios for sale, be it base o rmobile and accesories to set up people with.

there are a few channels worth listening to now and then, mid band has a few locals on which use it in the evenings to get away from 19.. and a few other elderly folk that use it as the lifeline to friends in the same town,
of course 32, but we know about the one or two on there that you don't want to listen to but it's the others i feel sorry for Smile

and of course the weekend nets on muppets, there's a few springing up fro inter UK DX contacts..

nice to hear your listening to more than just 19..!!

maybe we've spoke..who knows..

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