New Watergate added...

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New Watergate added...

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:54 pm

New watergate of Boxer added..
check go to 'watergates' and it's number 2..

a lot of breakers names are mentioned..
Cherrylips, Fonzy, Zulu warrior, Smokey, Chippy, and loads more as abusers,
plus voices from Boxer, Cherrylips and chippy, there are more but even i've only listened a couple of times..
there's margaret ?? sheila ?? and loads more..

names and handles appreciated..

towards the end Boxer goes quiet, but the amount of folk calling out on 19 is amazing..

yes this was recorded on ch19 is the early 1990's
have a listen there's more to come..

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