few rigs to sell.

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few rigs to sell.

Post  Termite on Mon Oct 18, 2010 6:37 pm

Uniden 400 CEPT box near mint, no bracket.
Uniden 300 Homebase UK40 very tidy.

Audioline 341 tatty as a dogs ass.
Harrier CBX the dogs brother's tatty ass.

and quit a few other rigs, UK40 and CEPT..

Also mobile aerials, magmounts, gutter mounts etc.
240v to 13.8v power supplies, 3 - 5 amp types.

sundry items, like SWR meters, power meters, matcher boxes, switch boxes, in-line filters,
Base mics, hand power mics, echo mics,

loads of bits, having a big clear out..
PM for cheaper than ebay prices possible delivery too..!!

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