what the f@&*!!!!

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what the f@&*!!!!

Post  ninjabilly on Tue Nov 16, 2010 9:38 am

Hi all,what in the name of Soichiro Honda has happened to local Nottingham cb!!!!!! It seems full of drunken reprobates who have difficulty in stringing sentences together containing more than one syllable.Now,I like a luagh as much as anybody,but there`s a limit! Wish now that I had not spent ten years paying into salary/sick/unemployment policy,as the dolies seem to have quite a considerable amount of surplus benefits to spend on piss!Not much fun at the moment,maybe I will give mesen`a stupid handle,become a pisshead,claim benefits and buy mesen`a chav suit from Primark,safe,innit!!!!!!.oh yeah,nearly forgot,must go and buy loads of shit argos gold,having said all that,who`s the twat!!! Benefits or work,no contest.
By for now
Victor Meldrew

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