Only one channel!!!!!

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Only one channel!!!!!

Post  ninjabilly on Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:14 am

Ok,I have tried and tried to lure the locals away from 19,but it aint never going to happen.If you do manage to get a chat going elsewhere,after a minute it`s "ok,catch you later,i`m going back to liten to 19!!!!!!!!! Wise up good buddy`s 19 IS SHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of us have radios with many channels!! why???? mid band seems to be better for more distant contacts,newer voices etc,even worked one of the distant polish/russian women? on monday,only brief,but got it,not bad for four watts,was quite chuffed,but then again I`m a saddo,because I find radio fascinating,oh well,better go and get my anorak and train spotting book,and take up a more interesting hobby! lol
affraid affraid affraid affraid

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Re: Only one channel!!!!!

Post  Termite on Wed Jan 19, 2011 7:59 pm

the main scared to miss something..
a lot on 19 want to hear a good argument and people being slagged off..
the odd one or two will even make comment, get the fire started and then sit back and wait for it to go out of control..

this whole 'change channel' thing has been talked about for ages, months, years even, but won't happen because to scared to miss something...

i agree with all the rigs and the bands etc, but again, to scared to miss something..
the art of conversation has gone, now it's just pick pick pick, slag off and comment..

i think most sit on 19 waiting for the dimwits and the inbreds coming on so everyone can laugh at todays stories of retardness they have been through..

i'm all for using Am or Mid band, but without a few to talk to whats the point ???

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