CB Art Idea in Nottingham

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CB Art Idea in Nottingham

Post  raven on Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:55 pm

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone on here can help me with an idea I'm working on for a potential art project?

I've been invited to make an exhibition in an old police station in Notts. My idea is to create a room where the audience can play music with Notts police radio as accompaniment - not the most original idea I know, but I think it could be very atmospheric in an old station. My question is, how can I pick up Notts police radio? Finally, if the project does go ahead, would anyone with the technical know how/equipment needed be up for helping out? There's no money in it, just for kicks. Please do get in touch if so - my regular email is ravenorama@gmail.com.


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Re: CB Art Idea in Nottingham

Post  Termite on Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:14 pm

you can not pick up any police signals in the UK..
a few years back it was possible to illegally receive them on a scanner but now days they use digital encryption so you have no chance or listening to them..

if anyone has recordings of nottingham police these would have been received illegally and would be illegal to reproduce for a public audience.

you would have to recreate your own recordings of nottingham police to use as a background sound..

good luck in your project, but i doubt you'll be able to get any help with the recordings or to the legality of using any such things.

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