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Local nobheads

Post  ninjabilly on Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:05 am

Hi all,19`s not been too bad lately,managed to get a few to move off it for a chin-wag!! dont know if anyone else has noticed,but theres one local "breaker" causing a bit of grief,managed to upset a few people,always uses stupid watts.A few breakers have visited Nottingham looking for him,and have actually named a few adresses with visible antennas,this is not good,if anything does kick off,seems innocent people will end up getting unwillingly involved,doesnt seem fair on the few who genuinely enjoy thier cb radios,and am sure will contribute to even more cb ers selling up or just disappearing,lets hope he eventually digs his own grave without getting anyone else involved,this sort of thing really pisses me off!!!!!!!!! cb is there for a laugh,just voices,lets keep it this way!!!!
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