CB club in Nottingham

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CB club in Nottingham

Post  ninjabilly on Mon Nov 07, 2011 11:58 pm

Hi all,listening to the talk about possibly starting a cb club in notting recently,seems to be a bit of interest,but I`m wondering if pub meet/local 19 winos/want to kill each other is such a good thing! I think there would be genuine interest from a few decent locals,but how long before it gets ruined by the idiots? Me thinks it sounds like an idea for a piss up,mention fees and expenses and see how many would still be interested,I could probably count them on one hand.Still seems like a good idea to me though,but would need organising properly by the right people/persons.Would love to get something like this off the ground myself,but personal circumstances prevent me,but I`m sure i could arrange to have a couple of hours free once a week/fortnight/month.Anyone showing any interest?Thing is,I dont think the people concerned are even members of this forum,so probably fall on deaf ears anyway! Shame cos there are people out there with a genuine interest,so come on peeps,lets all GET OFF OUR ARSES and see if we can come up with anything worth taking up!


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Re: CB club in Nottingham

Post  Doorman on Mon Apr 16, 2012 3:25 am

Based upon my recent good experiances on CB on Anglesey, I'd like to get back into the whole CB thing a bit more.

Perhaps one way of filtering out the idiots that seem to plague the Notts 19 would be to have more of a 'Freebanders' CB club, or perhaps a DX-CB Club.

There are a few designs for higher gaid Directional aerials on the Net. The simple 9' dipole would be a very easy start. I'd also quite fancy building the 3-element Yagi (optimised for 27.555). I would have to go mobile to use it as I'm pretty low down here and surrounded by houses. It is BIG, so we'd need a high open space to try it out.

I'm quite technically capable of building the 3-element Yagi and some sort of temporary Mast. Then find a hill-top and take a spare car battery!!

I've been thinking of getting a new rig and now fancy getting a MAAS DX-5000 as this will do all the UK/EU/US bands in all modes. 27.555 seems the best bet for DX.

If anyone is interested in this then maybe we can get together for a meet sometime. An old-fashioned eyeball one evening in a pub would be simple and cheap, then we can see if we want meet up again to build something try for long-range.

Maybe see some of you later!


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Re: CB club in Nottingham

Post  Uncle Buck on Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:54 am

hi all ive just come back from a few moths away Smile
never realised how fucked cb is in nottingham.
what is it with this lot on 19 at the moment.
they all sound like a load of work shy pedophiles and sexual deviants.
even some sound like they shouldnt be allowed out in public without supervision.
i wonder how many of them have actually got jobs and are not fraudulently claiming benifits.
they seem to be proud that they cant work and are proud to be classed as another social defrauding scumbag.
still all back to it i have a few doors to knock on and money to get back.

are there any other channels or bands normal people around nottingham use ?
id rather listen to a good conversation or discussion that doesnt have anyone fart belching talking about the size of their cocks or just living up to their neanderthal roots. i think the term inbred was invented with nottinghamcbers in mind.

Uncle Buck

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Re: CB club in Nottingham

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