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Post  ninjabilly on Tue Nov 29, 2011 3:21 am

Hi all,just when I thought things were getting pretty good on the radio,two weeks ago suddenly got hit with 30+ of interferrence,ALL bands,HF,27 etc you name it I got it,24/7 Tried everything,earthing,new coax,different antennas,plugging in to the mains earth,filters etc,cant get rid of it,even turned off the mains and ran battery power.Immediate locals are not too bad,but any further than two miles,almost inaudible,had several people call round mobile,theyre all getting it,looks like I`m stuffed,hoping it will go away as quick as it came,but not holding out too much,if I cant sort it,maybe time to call it a day Crying or Very sad Anyone else experiencing anything very close to J26?

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