Mobile in Anglesey

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Mobile in Anglesey

Post  Doorman on Mon Apr 16, 2012 3:14 am

Hi again all!!

Took the FM Ring and a 9-foot 1/4 wave whip with us when we were in Holyhead, Anglesey last week. Managed to copy a few breakers, the furthest was in Bethesda - a distance of 28 miles!! The whip was on a simple mag-mount on the top of the car (not whilst driving, though). Quite a few were using Linear Amps of various powers, but my 4W was still being received Radio 3-4, but very low signal strength. I was receiving their transmissions Radio 5.

Also copied 'Gunner' in Bangor.

The North Wales UK-FM Channel 19 is nothing like in Notts. There were none of the idiots. No swearing, playing music or wanting to fight! Actually had some good conversations with Breakers who were interested in CB equipment, set-ups and actually talking to new people. They were all very welcoming and glad to have a new (temporary) Breaker on the air.

When I told them where my home-20 was, one asked why my Handle wasn't 'Robin Hood'. I informed him that it has probably already been taken!!!

I pointed the Welsh Breakers on 19 to this web site, so if any of then drop by, hopefully we can say hi.

The upshot of all this is that it has re-sparked my interest in CB, particularly now DX-CB. If we can get away from Notts UK-FM Ch19 by either moving to USB, or with a Directional aerial (or both) I'd be well happy.

Perhaps the DX-CB Club might be worth a go.....

Hopefully catch some of you soon!


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